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Hi everyone,

Before The Medals has had many inspirations.  For as long as I can remember Sport has been the biggest passion in my life. Starting off playing Football and Rugby in the Winter and Athletics, Golf and Cricket in the Summer I was always happiest on a sports field. Also for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by high performers.  At a very young age I would ask my Dad question after question about what made these elite performers tick. Why were they different from the rest? My Dad always responded with ‘They have practised more than everyone else’.  A fair assumption.  Especially if you live by the 10000 hours rule.  I always wondered if there was a bit more to it. What was in their heads? How did they remain in so much control at the vital moment? How can I learn how to do that?

As an avid watcher of all Sports I was glued to the Olympics in Rio.  One thing kept bugging me during the commentary, a throw away line in almost every discipline that I watched.  The commentator would tell me “It’s taken 15 years of hard work to get here”.  And that was it.  It got to the point where just at the defining moment in that Athletes career you could almost certainly guarantee the commentator would say something along those lines.  I was frustrated and demanded that the person would tell me about those 15 years! The struggles, the sacrifices, the coaches and mentors involved.  Tell me about when Max Whitlock couldn’t do a handstand let alone this almost impossible Gymnastics routine that I couldn’t comprehend.  I decided that I would try to find out and tell the story to anyone else who was as interested as I was.

Before the Medals concentrates on the journey and not the destination. We don’t focus on the moment they stood on the podium and got their medals – we focus on the times before the medals where our famous sportspeople started their craft and learnt both mentally and physically what it takes.  We search for the patterns and best practises of these performers to help give young athletes the tools to succeed.  I would have loved listening and learning from that as a young sportsperson and I hope many people get the benefit I feel that they can receive from this Podcast and Blog.

My ultimate dream?  Fast forward a few years and a sportsperson just after receiving their Medal points to Before the Medals as an important learning tool in their development.  Then we let the cycle continue.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you,

Richard Edmonds

Before the Medals


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